WordPress Website Development – $99hr


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WordPress Website Development – $99/hr

WordPress has become a powerful tool for integrating Advanced Functionality on your website. Besides an excellent Content Management System (CMS), WordPress offers thousands of free plugins that can add a variety of features and functionality to a website.

Even if you’re not ready to host a blog on your website, your website’s theme can be converted to WordPress to maintain your current look-and-feel while adding useful features such as social media integration and search engine optimization (SEO), which could otherwise be expensive to implement.

Content Management

Whether adding pages or posts to your website, WordPress offers an easy to use editor: capable of adding images, audio, video, and other media to your content without the need to understand code. There is a HTML tab that allows web-savvy editors access to the underlying code if advanced editing is desired. You never again have to pay a web programmer to frequently add or update content on your website! Over the years, a Content Management System is worth the investment.

Customizable Themes

WordPress is an open-source platform. Many elegant free themes exist, with options for customizing the website’s appearance. Some businesses need more advanced themes which are available for $70 or less.

We help clients customize their theme: either by modifying an existing theme or by creating a custom theme. If clients choose to keep their existing website layout / look-and-feel, we can import the existing website as a new WordPress theme, thereby maintaining current branding with added WordPress functionality.

Plugins | Advanced Functionality at Your Fingertips

As mentioned, free plugins for WordPress can add powerfully advanced functionality to your website, including some of the following:

  • Advanced Functionality: thousands of WordPress plugins provide a multitude of advanced features. In a single click users can install customizable contact forms, site maps, feed generators, bookmarking tools, comment spam filters, website caching tools or social media publication tools. Rather than developing expensive specialized tools for your website, WordPress’ free plugins can provide custom solutions instantaneously.
  • Social Media Integration: hundreds of social media plugins are available on WordPress which you can integrate with your website or blog content. There are plugins for each of your networks, such as the LinkedIn App and the Facebook Like Button, as well as other more general plugins such as ShareThis. Other plugins can automatically distribute new content on social networks, which builds inbound links to your website.
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO): many features are streamlined into WordPress to improve page ranking for your website. Many plugins can improve SEO as well by helping to generate metadata (keywords, page description, page title, etc.) based upon your content. By raising your rank in major search engines, your website will rank higher: helping your business grow.