WordPress Security Class


Backup Your Site Before Training – $59

Add Additional Attendees – $24

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WordPress Security Class

WordPress security training is extremely important.

This is because multitudes of shared servers have been injured from cross-contamination due to finding weaknesses in the underlying structure of WordPress.

Unfortunately, the weaknesses aren’t just limited to the structure. They are also found in the extensive plugins and themes that are readily available to expand the functionality of your WordPress site, with some having a built in backdoor or loophole to give hackers an edge.

During our WordPress Security Training Class we install and configure a WordPress firewall plugin that will help you remove malware before Google can crawl your content and black-list your website.

In the WordPress Security Training Class, we teach you how to better secure your site:

  • Training focused on current WordPress security issues
  • How to backup your content and database
  • Third party plugins and services to protect your website
  • Key tips to keep your website off of Google’s black-list

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